Statement on Kid & Parent Inclusivity

Children are a part of our growing movement, and as such need to be supported and respected, as do their families. We welcome kid noise and for children to attend any of the workshops and panel discussions. We believe that children deserve more than babysitting, and as such the Kid Zone! has been created, with specific programming and activities.

We are inspired by the NYC Anarchist Bookfair who said that:

“Though we provide space and activities for children maintained by a small but dedicated crew of caregivers, we do not require properly supervised kids to be confined within it. We ask all book fair participants to be supportive of kids, parents and caregivers wherever they are (see concrete ways to support and political prisoner David Gilbert’s appeal to men in regard to sharing childcare duties below), as we do not discourage them from attending any part of the venue, including workshops.

The success of this weekend’s childcare requires the support of all participants of the book fair. We do not require presenters to tailor their presentations to children (though we encourage it), but accept that ‘kid noises are the sign of a growing movement’ (quote from prison abolitionist Jason Lydon of the Community Church of Boston) and ask that all participants share the sense of community responsibility needed for a supportive environment. People who cannot get their heads around this concept should reconsider their attendance”

For more information please see:

February 17, 2010
An Open Letter to Movement Men

To My Brothers in the Movement,

This open letter is a call, made both passionately and emphatically, for movement men to get fully involved in childcare. Childcare is one of the most demanding and most rewarding jobs in the world and is essential to advancing the struggle. I’ve been surprised to learn that in this day and age that responsibility still falls overwhelmingly on  women. Men’s failure in this regard is not only unfair but also hurts our movement since it is a major impediment to women’s participation, to the full range of contribution they can make. But even more, if truth be told, this aloofness damages men the most because we cut ourselves off from the regular interactions that can enrich our lives in many ways.

Children ask the questions that make us think more deeply about everything, exude the energy that buoys our spirits, embody the potential that gives us hope for the future. It’s for the children that we fight to make a better world.  Brothers, it is way past due to get fully involved in childcare.

David Gilbert
(anti-imperialist political prisoner)