June 21st: Subversions II: Anarchist Fiction – Book Launch – Toronto

Thursday, June 21, 2012
Detour Bar (193 Baldwin St.)

 Launch of the second volume of Subversions, anarchist short fiction by the Anarchist Writers Bloc

The Anarchist Writers Bloc, a Montreal collective founded in 2011, is launching Subversions Vol. II, its second collection of contemporary anarchist short fiction. The Anarchist Writers Bloc is developing a space for artistic, creative and prose fiction initiatives in the anarchist milieu and in the public more generally through a series of audacious projects linking anarchist political creativity and critiques. The launch of this book, will feature readings, and an open mic.

Following the success of the first tome, the Anarchist Writers Bloc is reoffending this year in publishing a second volume of Subversions, prefaced by Raoul Vaneigem and Marge Piercy. This anthology of short stories, produced and edited in a process of collective self-management, brings together 28 pieces engaged, each in their own way, in a war against the state, religion, the market economy, patriarchy, and current society, while at the same time also working to imagine a society grounded in egalitarianism, autonomy, and solidarity–an anarchist society.

These texts are written by established and emerging authors from Europe, North America and beyond, including Isabelle Baez (Le Quartanier), Bruno Massé (Guy St-Jean Éditeur), Norman Nawrocki (Black Rose Books), Sandra Jeppesen (Gutter Press) and Edoardo Olmi (Felici Editore), among others. Continuing their characteristic bilingualism, the Bloc has extended its transnational emphasis, inviting authors from Italy to collaborate in this project, of which there are eight published in the collection.

The Bloc itself, founded during the eleventh annual Montreal Anarchist Bookfair in May 2010, has quickly established itself as a multiplicitous, audacious and riotous group of writers desirous of struggling against the dominant order through engagements in fiction, imagination and creativity. Formed by authors who are as varied as the horizons of anarchism, the Bloc is resolutely anchored in artistic struggle as a vector of social struggle in a new front of a war that oppresses us in so many ways today. During the course of its two short years of existence the Bloc has published two collections of short fiction, organized several literary workshops as well as more than a dozen cabarets (contributions have been gathered in the zine Ex-pressions; the second volume is to appear this fall), and presented a piece at the Montreal International Theatre Festivals in 2011 and 2012.

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