Anti-Authoritarian Indigenous/People of Colour Caucus

SatuJune 23rd, 2012rday, June 23, 2012
11:00am until 6:00pm

Bahen Centre Room 2175 (40 St George St)

Join us at this year’s Anarchist Bookfair Anti-Authoritarian Indigenous/POC Caucus (AAIPOC) as we launch onto another awesome time for community building, skill sharing and conversation.

This caucus, exclusively for self-identified Indigenous and people of colour, will be a place to connect and find one another, talk about navigating our identity as marginalized communities in a white-dominated political space, what it means to be AAIPOC and to explore how our histories of resilience and survival are examples of Anarchist ideals amongst us.

Included in the day’s programming will be a panel discussion, consisting of Indigenous and people of color organizing for social justice across Turtle Island (aka North America) exploring how anti-authoritarian values forge a presence in their communities, the work that they do, and our collective histories of struggle as Indigenous and people of color – oftentimes without an explicit reference to the concept of ‘Anarchism.’

In doing so, we hope to open up a space that reconfigures our understandings of anti-authoritarianism in ways that do not rely on western academic thought, but rather find inspiration in our own lived experiences in communities searching for empowering and nurturing ways to resist colonialism and white supremacy.

Our panelists will include folks from Lost Lyrics, Asian Arts Freedom School, and Copwatch L.A.

We will be holding our space alongside the Toronto Anarchist Bookfair, on Saturday June 23 from 11-6pm at the Bahen Centre, University of Toronto.

We will provide POC Active listeners throughout the Caucus, as we know that difficult shit can come up in conversations.

We know that shit is going to come up, but please be responsible for yourself and your friends. We are not here to enforce our “Safer Spaces” policy, but to collectively agree to self-facilitate one another to create community!

Keep in mind that we don’t have the capacity to take care of everyone! We welcome your support, and supporting each other.

Check out the Facebook event here:!/events/298855403535383/


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