Tabling Groups

Publishers and Distros

AK Press
Black Cat Press
Broken Arts Zine Distro
Great Worm Express Distro
Make Total Distro
Mounting Bedlam Distro
One Way Ticket
PM Press
Rebuild Printing
Spit Vicious Distro
Twelveohtwo Zine Distro
Walking Distance Distro


The Dominion
Molotov Rag
Upping the Anti

Other Merch

Thoughtcrime Ink
Rebel Time Records

Community Organizations and Collectives

Anarchist Free University
Beehive Collective
Common Cause
Environmental Justice Toronto
Fierce n’ Fabulous Krew
Guelph ABC
Justice for Levi
Kate Sharpley Library
KW Community Centre for Social Justice
Liberation Cooperation Organization
Love & Rage Liberation Collective
Maggie’s: The Toronto Sex Workers’ Action Project
No Apathy!
Ste-Emilie Skillshare
Toronto ABC
Toronto Free School
Toronto Zine Library
Women’s Coordinating Committee Chile-Canada


3 thoughts on “Tabling Groups

  1. Awesome shit peeps!
    I just happen to be in town and plan on coming over.
    Perhaps cover something with the TMC – Toronto Media Coop & The VMC – Vancouver Media Coop.
    I have recording equipment = Video/stills/audio, etc.
    See you then!

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