Friday Community Dinner and Assembly

To kick off the weekend of events the Bookfair Collective will be hosting a free community dinner, followed by a general assembly. Join us for a sit down vegan dinner, and an evening of community building dialogue. The dinner and assembly will be held from 7-11pm at the Steelworker’s Hall.

The year since our last gathering has seen an upswing in anarchist organizing and mobilizing in Toronto. From the black bloc throwdown on the streets of the G20 security zone; the arrest and repression of respected anarchists, friends, and community organizers; mobilizations against racism and the institution of policing; to the city’s hosting of North American Anarchist Studies Network Conference, anarchist politics have been in the spotlight.

We’re inviting anti-authoritarians, anarchists and anyone interested to discuss the current organizing climate in the city, and brainstorm strategies as to how to build a stronger, more inclusive anarchist movement in the city and surrounding region. The assembly will introductions followed by  a general conversation on the potential directions Torontonian anarchism could take in 2011 and beyond. The assembly will then conclude with the opportunity for break-out sessions based on interest in specific ideas, plans, or projects that participants would like to discuss in more detail.


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